Undercover agent Denise Cleever faces a daunting assignment - infiltrate the shadowy terrorist group who has found a unique method to produce widespread panic. How? By paying amateur contract killers a considerable bounty for every successful murder at random.

The method of murder is up to the contract killer - but it's mandatory that each death be brutally violent and attract the maximum publicity. National exposure gets a substantial bonus; making the international media network doubles the original fee.

As Denise follows the elusive trail, she discovers an unholy alliance between members of the media and the perpetrator of the tide of fear that is engulfing the nation.

Deeply undercover, with no back-up if things go wrong, Denise faces her most challenging assignment as she realizes the fate of thousands is in her hands.


Claire McNab

She had no idea how popular Carol would become. She thought she had written a stand-alone mystery novel. Carol, the publisher, and the public had other ideas. The sixteenth Carol Ashton mystery will be published at the end of 2004. Apart from writing, Clair McNab teaches not-yet-published writers through the UCLA Extension Writers' Program.

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Series: Carol Ashton

Series: Denise Cleever

Series: Kylie Kendall

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