In the second adventure for the Agatha Christie Book Club, the good friends take a luxury cruise on a replica steamship, the SS Orient—a real ship that once sailed between England and Australia 

Naturally, they expect little more than a glamorous voyage back in time. What they get has eerie echoes of the original Orient Express, including a passenger dead in their bed, a threatening note and more clues than you can poke a blood-soaked dagger at. 

When a second passenger vanishes overboard in the dead of night soon after, the team suspect they have a madman on their hands and abandon their shuffleboard to investigate. 

The problem is, just like Hercule Poirot, they have very little time, few mod cons, and enough red herrings to fill a seafood platter. It doesn't help that the entire ship is rallying behind the leading suspect Captain Van Tussi, a man with friends in high places who may—or may not—be taking everyone for a ride. 

Jump aboard for a fun and fast-paced adventure with book club mates Alicia, Lynette, Missy, Perry, Anders and Claire! And look out for the mysterious new member of the club…


C.A. Larmer

Christina Larmer was born and bred in tropical Papua New Guinea, educated in Australia and has lived and worked around the world including New York, Los Angeles and London. An editor by trade, she now freelances and writes fiction from her home in the hinterland behind Byron Bay, on the east coast of Australia, which she shares with her musician husband, two boys, an enormous goanna, passing koalas and countless snakes. Also writing as C.A. Larmer, Christina has published four books in the Roxy Parker Ghostwriter Mystery series, including: Killer Twist, A Plot to Die For, Last Writes and Dying Words. She has self-published a separate cozy crime mystery called The Agatha Christie Book Club and an adult novel called An Island Lost. In 2008, Christina also wrote a non-fiction book about pioneering surveyors in PNG called A Measure of Papua New Guinea, which was published by Focus. To find out more about Christina Larmer, her life and work, log online at You can read her blog at, or enjoy some of her short fiction at

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