In A MURDER OR THREE, three women are murdered, each with a pair of pantyhose. Detective Sergeant Steve Arrow knows the first victim, a shy teenager who has already told the police of a flasher seen in nearby bush. The body of the second victim, older, extremely attractive, is found in this same bush, and, later, a flirtatious wife dies in her own home with the tell-tale pantyhose around her throat. Residents are in near panic... 


Laurie Mantell

Laurie Mantell is described by the Oxford History of New Zealand literature as one of the most distinguished crime writers in the past twenty years. Her previous books, all published by Victor Gollancz (London), are Murder in Fancy Dress, A Murder or Three, Murder and Chips, Murder to Burn, and Murder in Vain. She lives in Wainuiomata, Wellington. Mates is Laurie Mantell's sixth published crime novel.

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Series: Eric Walden

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