One mild summer evening in rural Auckland the life of a middle-aged farmer's wife and that of an illiterate Maori youth brutally collide. Neither will be the same again, their futures forever linked. This is a dark tale which navigates the underbelly of urban New Zealand. It is also a story of hope and human possibility.


Fiona Sussman

Born in South Africa, now living in New Zealand, Fiona is a former GP who hung up her stethoscope ten years ago to pursue another longheld dream – to write. She has written a number of highly acclaimed short stories, and her debut novel novel, "Shifting Colours", was published in the UK in 2014 and in the USA in Oct 2015 under the title, "Another Woman's Daughter". Her second novel, " The Last Time We Spoke" was released in May 2016. When not juggling family life, or helping manage the charitable surgical service she and her husband established, she writes and loves it.

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