A dark story of justice, morality, and murder when a family seeks justice for the unexplained and unexpected death of a loved one. The family is devastated which drives their determination. The police are suspicious but there is no evidence. They are impotent. Set in the wintry, misty city of Invercargill, New Zealand's most southern city, the Gothic tones of the story fit the surroundings beautifully. The body count rises as the family sets out to confirm their suspicions, solve a murder and obtain justice. They must keep ahead of the gang, the murderer and the police as they extract their vengeance. But will justice, morality or murder win out as the family wrestles with their own beliefs? Will the doctor be bound by his Hippocratic Oath or will his thirst for vengeance get the better of him? They seek their own answers in the face of a defiant Rob. Will they risk all, their reputations and their freedom to find the truth. And when they do which will win out -justice, morality, or murder? Over five days, amid many cups of coffee and glasses of fine Central Otago Riesling, truth and justice is found. Fast paced and a page turner this story will challenge the reader to examine their own beliefs in justice.

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