He was 29-years-old and committed his horrendous crime alone.  He was a social misfit, didn't have a regular job and became a mass murderer.  What made MARTIN BRYANT, who is doing life in Tasmania's Risdon Prison, go on a killing spree at Port Arthur taking the lives of 35 people?

Gangland figure CARL WILLIAMS killed five people.  Police belive he's involved in other deaths.  But what led him to do what he did?  How did he go from being a cheeky, round-faced kid to a dangerous murderer?

Working with a leading Australian forensic psychologist, investigative journalist Rochelle Jackson takes us deep into the minds of eight of the country's most notorious criminals.


Rochelle Jackson

Rochelle Jackson was born in Melbourne and grew up in a police family. She began her career in country Victoria and Sydney as a journalist in television and radio. Later she worked as a TV producer and investigative researcher for 'Today, Tonight', 'Australian Story', 'New Dimensions', 'Watchdog', SBS TV and radio news services and TVNZ's 'Sixty Minutes'. She specialises in crime and police stories. Currently she is based in Melbourne and is working as a freelance journalist.

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Karen Chisholm
Monday, September 15, 2008

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