Two cops in recovery. A brutal murder on a dangerous island. A secret history that threatens everything.

Laura Romano is in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction and her partner - Jim Harris - is her sponsor. Both of them are stationed on Tunnel Island, a tropical paradise with a dark, seedy underbelly. When a dead body washes up on the island: Harris springs into action. Meanwhile, Romano follows the trail of a mysterious parcel sent to her house.

As the clues start to bring each of these two cases together, Romano and Harris find themselves implicated, falling on opposing sides of powerful island politics, organized crime and corrupt police officials. Forced to confront their own checkered pasts, they must face-off under threat of dire consequences.

Harsh Recovery is the second book in a new series of crime mysteries. If you like hardboiled female protagonists, gritty crime mysteries, and a dash of tropical paradise, then you’ll love Iain Ryan’s fast-paced page-turner.


Iain Ryan

Iain Ryan grew up in the outer suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. His debut novel 'Four Days' is now available from Broken River Books. His work is previously published by Akashic Books (New York) and Crime Factory (Melbourne).

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Series: John Dannen

Series: Tunnel Island

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