One telephone call and the past rushes back to engulf Detective Inspector Carol Ashton. "Carol, I need you. It's Mitchell. He's dead. They think I killed him." After three years, hearing again that familiar voice, Carol remembers Christine's lacerating words the last time they met: "It's all too hard, Carol. I love you but I just can't give up everything. I can't leave Mitchell. It's over, you do understand, don't you? Now Christine desperately wants her help-the woman who cost Carol everything. Fatal Reunion marks the second appearance of Detective Inspector Carol Ashton from Sydney, Australia, as she finds the past and present colliding in a storm of erotic passion and violence.


Claire McNab

She had no idea how popular Carol would become. She thought she had written a stand-alone mystery novel. Carol, the publisher, and the public had other ideas. The sixteenth Carol Ashton mystery will be published at the end of 2004. Apart from writing, Clair McNab teaches not-yet-published writers through the UCLA Extension Writers' Program.

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Series: Carol Ashton

Series: Denise Cleever

Series: Kylie Kendall

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