The horror of the Rainbow Opera riot is the talk of Southland. Dreamhunter Grace Tiebold's reputation is in tatters and her niece Laura Hame is in hiding. But the nightmare has only just begun.

Rumours about the government's torture of prisoners have been buried, and corrupt minister Cas Doran is free to take his plans to shocking heights. For at a secret depot deep within the Place, a new, terrifying dream has been unearthed - waiting to wreak havoc on the country and give Cas Doran ultimate power.

Laura and Rose know they must stop him, but in doing so they start a chain of events that could shake dreamhunting to its knees and blow open the deepest mysteries of the Place ...

The explosive and captivating sequel to DREAMHUNTER


Elizabeth Knox

Elizabeth Knox is the author of eight novels for adults and one of New Zealand's most successful writers - she lives in Wellington with her husband and son. Daylight has had critics in the US comparing Knox to the Queen of the vampire novelists saying Daylight is "on a par with the best Anne Rice has to offer" and calling it an "illuminating tour-de-force", while Metro called it "mysterious, thrilling, erotic". Her 2001 novel Black Oxen was published simultaneously in the US, the UK and New Zealand and was a NZ number one bestseller. Billie's Kiss made a spectacular entry into the NZ bestseller list on the strength of one afternoon's sales and then shot straight to number one in the following list. Billie's Kiss was shortlisted in the 2002 Montana NZ Book Awards.

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Series: Dreamhunter Duet

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Review DREAMQUAKE - Elizabeth Knox
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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