Deep leads (mining) — veins of ore buried dangerously far underground
Deep leads (criminal investigation) — clues hidden under layers of misdirection

A young detective is exiled to a mining town and faces a ruthless killer

Detective Jud Jeffreys has become a political embarrassment. He is demoted back to uniform and sent to a rough mining town where he’s assigned to investigate sheep thefts.

It’s a difficult transition for a city boy. The sergeant is a drunk, his colleagues resent him, he makes a bad enemy within minutes of arriving, and violence and disaster swirl around the mine.

Jud must find friends and allies fast, or he won’t survive. When tragedy strikes, he must return to his true nature as a detective to find a ruthless killer.


Jai Baidell

Jai Baidell is an Australian writer and independent publisher. She is a lifelong believer in escaping reality through reading. Action, adventure, thrillers, espionage, family dramas, mysteries, science fiction, crime, and romance, Jai loves them all.

Jai lives in country Australia and sets her stories in country towns and regional cities.

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Series: Jud Jeffreys

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Review Review - Wipptee, Jai Baidell
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, September 13, 2022
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