Meet Madeleine Brooks. Ex-probation officer. Ex-wife.

Finally free of her failed marriage, Maddie has transformed herself into a successful estate agent in her delightful but not-so-sleepy English village in Oxfordshire.

Maddie’s most recent listing is a renovated cottage at the edge of the Chiltern Hills, recommended by her ex-husband, Wayne. Valley View Cottage promises to be an easy sale, but Maddie is completely unaware of its recent and sinister past. Unaware of being manipulated.

After a dramatic first encounter with David Sparling, the owner of Valley View Cottage, Maddie starts to feel uneasy about her latest client. Something about him doesn’t quite add up and David’s eagerness to sell the cottage starts to feel suspicious.

Why did Wayne recommend David to Maddie’s agency? Does he know something Maddie doesn’t?

When a body is discovered in a shallow grave at Valley View, Maddie finds herself catapulted into a web of lies.

Worse still, she quickly discovers this murder has tentacles that reach deep into her own family…

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