Nurse Lora Spencer is stabbed to death by an unknown assailant during the morning rush hour on Wellington’s Lambton Quay. A freelance journalist, Adam Adair, finds himself holding the dying woman in his arms. Haunted by the experience, Adair decides to investigate. Lora’s relatives and associates can only tell him so much and, like her ex-boyfriend, may have something to hide. The task isn’t helped by the struggle Adair is having with his feelings for housemate Hailey Wilson, also a nurse at Wellington Hospital. 

Who has links to the crime, and will it be solved? 

Meanwhile, in fashionable Paraparaumu Beach, socialite Cynthia Blair is being stalked. Unwilling to reveal her ordeal to her husband, or anyone else, she fears her young son will be taken from her. 


Thomas W. Devine

He currently lives in the capital city of New Zealand with his wife & ex SPCA cat, Dudley.

When he's writing a novel (he has published twelve in twelve years) he works every day of the week, in the mornings, for 3-5 hours. A retired pensioner,it's his only paid employment.


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