Meet Sam Chauvel, private investigator. He's tough. He's perceptive. He's sometimes easily confused.

He's looking for Wil Dreamsworth, an ex-pop star last seen on Countdown in 1980. With a little help from his friends and occasionally helpful strangers, Sam is scouring the backstreets and boulevards of Melbourne. Dreamsworth proves as elusive as a number one hit, slippery as a seedy business manager, and as forgotten as possible. While bending the law, recovering from hangovers and sitting around on stakeout, Sam is finding there is more to life, truth and concept albums than might reasonably be expected.

This hilarious page-turning mystery is required reading for anyone who ever wanted to be something, or to find something, or just remembers listening to pop music late at night and believing every word.


Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater has filled in timesheets in workplaces as diverse as media monitoring firms, the Public Service, a university library, financial services marketing departments, police interview transcription services, court reporting and legal firms, all of which qualifies him for just about nothing except what he does best: write. While working in these legitimate areas, he has done his best to mount alternative careers as a singer/songwriter, poet, freelance writer and Serious Author. Scott Bywater was born in 1967 and grew up in Hobart, Tasmania. He has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Art and Architecture history, and is creeping his way through a Bachelor of Laws. After many years in Melbourne,Scott has now returned to Hobart where he lives with his wife Jo and her daughter Sara.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008
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