There's a lot 13-year-old Saffie Grundig doesn't know about her older sister, Cassie. Like what's really going on at the sleazy Comedy House, where Cassie has a cleaning job. When Cassie starts coming home later than usual, Saffi decides it's time she knew everything. She sets about investigating these strange activities, but doesn't count on the assistance of her dotty old neighbour, Ted Burgess. Ted is a retired actor who starred for years in the TV police show, 'Cops', as Sergeant Davies. The trouble is, Ted can't stop being Sergeant Davies. If only Saffi could stop the 'sarge' from standing on her toes, then she could set things right before there's blood on the microphone!


Ian Bone

Ian Bone is an Australian author. His books range from early childhood picture books through to young adult novels. He has been a fulltime writer for over twelve years and divides his time between writing his books, designing and writing on-line educational simulations for universities, teaching creative writing and making videos.

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