West Africa, the Arctic convoys of World War Two and modern Britain have one thing in common?

The answer?

One man.

Many people.

And the darkest secrets of a government past and present.

In the winter of his life an elderly naval officer has the chance to confess his sins and give back to the people that put their faith and lives in his hands. A story of families, entwined with deep-seated political greed that starts in the frigid waters of the Arctic when a young sailor becomes embroiled in an operation that would change his life forever, haunt his every waking moment and visit him during his dreams. The poorest of people with one thing - hope. They took the chance to escape their homeland and start again in the land of milk and honey. They put this trust in one man, they called him: The Angel of Whitehall.

When former British police officer Jack Cade receives a late-night call from the relative of an elderly man he ignores it. Another call follows, then another until his girlfriend asks the question "What have you got to lose? Answer the damned thing."The story that unfolded drew him in, deeper and darker. And there was only one option. Head back to Britain and try to gather the pieces of a jigsaw started after the Second World War - one with half of its pieces missing.

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