Missing, Presumed Dead
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Karen Chisholm
Karen Chisholm

Was extremely fortunate to read this over the weekend. Beautifully written story about not just the trial but the legal mind behind so much that we take for granted (and should be grateful for) in this country.

From the Blurb:

One of the most shocking murder trials in Australia's legal history, and the tribulations of the man who conducted it

Mark Tedeschi


As a Barrister and a Crown Prosecutor for thirty five years, Mark Tedeschi QC has appeared in some of the most significant criminal cases in Australia. He has been the Senior Crown Prosecutor in New South Wales for fifteen years and is the President of the Australian Association of Crown Prosecutors. He has had many articles published on the law and is the author of a legal text book. He has published many articles on history, genealogy, photography, and horticulture. This is his first book of creative nonfiction.

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