Karen Chisholm

Cover reveal time, with the announcement from newly formed Corella Press (https://www.austlit.edu.au/corellapress) of their upcoming initial releases: BRIDGET'S LOCKET AND OTHER MYSTERIES by Waif Wander (aka Mary Fortune) and THE MILLWOOD MYSTERY by Jeannie Lockett.

These beautiful covers were created by Kathleen Jennings (https://www.kathleenjennings.com/) whose paper cut silhouettes are amazing.

Corella Press state on their website:

Jeannie Lockett


Born Jane Beattie (NSW birth registration #702/1847 V1847702 550). She married Thomas Lockett in 1868 (#3527/1868). She possibly worked in Narrandera as a primary school teacher, 1880-circa 1888. She died in Sydney in 1890 (NSW death registration #1669/1890).


Country of Origin