Karen Chisholm

Historical New Zealand Crime fiction - with the central thread being corruption, land grabs and bad behaviour over money. Seems like some things never change...

From the Blurb:

The most dangerous people are those with the most to lose.

It is 1887. The young colony of New Zealand is in the grip of a deep depression. Insolvent speculators conspire with corrupt politicians while Maori land slips from the hands of its owners.

Dinah Holman


Dinah Holman QSO 1988 for public services to heritage, MA, DIP TP is a nationally known heritage planning consultant and author. She was chair of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust (1986-90); executive director of the Auckland Heritage Trust (1985-89); a member of the Auckland Institute and Museum Council (1991-94), and a member of the Auckland Library Heritage Trust (1998- ). She received the NZPI Distinguished Service Award in 1992 She is the A.R.D. Fairburn Literary Executor.

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