TALL, DARK AND DEAD by Tate Hallaway

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Andrea Thompson

TALL,DARK AND DEAD has taken a clever dive into the booming chick lit market of urban fantasy by including just enough of the current female reader's interest (vampires) and mixed it up with a little of the occult. The book slips and slides between seriousness and silliness (which, despite its marketing tags of comedy, is NOT funny, and that's a good thing), with fortunately just enough of the former to cement its appeal. With the character of Garnet immersing herself in a stereotype in order to actually better disguise herself from those who seek to do her harm, there is an unexpected poignancy to the relationship angles. Garnet is a survivor and has many clever and appealing coping mechanisms in dealing with all that comes her way.

Tate Hallaway has since written a second novel in her new series, titled DEAD SEXY. One has to wonder whether this first somewhat darker urban fantasy novel (with its pagan references and the like) has fallen prey to more than just a few subtle editorial tweaks in order to make it appeal to a greater market. There are enough of the vampire "lite" novels out there, and Tate Hallaway from this debut novel seems to have something a little grittier to offer up. The cover art is very visually appealing, but cartoon images of a skinny black-clothed witch standing amongst purple flying bats - well, what impression would that give out to the person picking it up in the bookstore?

TALL DARK AND DEAD shows a lot of promise, but judging by the title of the second book - there comes that sinking feeling.


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Garnet Lacey, she of the fashionably hip name, has just a little insight to the spooky. If you're suddenly violently possessed and forced to share body space with another soul, why not make it a goddess? Garnet is a witch,and not necessarily the feel-good Wiccan type, though she does her best not to disable everyone who crosses her. Maybe just hurt them a little.

Lilith, the original woman of scorn herself answered Garnet's desperate call for help one day and has refused to budge from inside of Garnet ever since. When Mr tall, undead and drop-dead sexy comes into this little witch's life, Lilith takes an uncharacteristic dislike. Garnet wonders why this is so - why would a mere vampire be a threat to one of the most powerful female incarnations of them all? 

Sebastian Von Trumm is of course, not just any old immortal bloodsucker. He also dabbles, and it is his skills in alchemy that has caused a whole truckload of mad Catholic killers (oh yes, them again) to put him up on their scary radar.Garnet knows a lot about being on the run. She has been on the run from the Vatican spook squad for quite a long time herself.

Review TALL, DARK AND DEAD by Tate Hallaway
Andrea Thompson
Saturday, April 19, 2008

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