Six Degrees of Assassination, M.J. Arlidge

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Karen Chisholm

A radio play available on Audible, this was one of those "why not" picks from the list when I was looking for something to listen to a while ago. Told in a series of short episodes with lots of lead in music, lots of noise and drama, and a reasonably good cast in terms of being distinguishable in audio format, and believability in their parts.

Of course Andrew Scott (who plays the main character - Alex Cartwright) does have a delivery style which is low key, almost velvety for want of a better description, which will work well for some listeners. I thought it made the whole thing sound slightly more believable as he never resorted to much in the way of yelling or over-excited over-reaction. The other main part, Ellen Townsend, is voiced by Freema Agyeman and she's also very good at delivering a sense of urgency and threat without sounding overblown or over-excited.

A good plot for a thriller styled series, with some extra street-cred given the coincidence of dates etc, I really rather enjoyed this Audible-Exclusive series.

Year of Publication

On a sullen, cloudy July day ten years since 7/7, the happy, confident and optimistic British Prime Minister is visiting a charity in East London. It's just two months after the general election which saw John Campbell's government returned to power with a clear majority, the economy is on the mend and the coalition is fast becoming a bad memory. Suddenly, a man appears out of the crowd and shoots him three times in the chest.

Step forward Alex Cartwright (Andrew Scott), MI5 Chief Counter Terrorism Officer who must find out the truth. But it's easier said than done, as he discovers that whoever ordered the assassination has covered their tracks very well indeed. Along with Ellen Townsend, his trusted second-in-command, Cartwright finds himself embroiled in a race against time which leads him into the murky heart of Westminster...and beyond.

From the pen of renowned screenwriter and novelist M J Arlidge, featuring an established British cast and with an exclusively-composed musical score, Six Degrees of Assassination is truly a thriller not to be missed.

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