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Andrea Thompson

This is a very polished work from a debut author. Nora is quite alone in her new reality despite all the new people she now has to deal with as the investigation into the killing develops. Author Flynn Berry has nailed that sense of being alone in a crowded room, as we see Nora struggles to push on with memories of her sister constantly crowding and infiltrating her new reality. There are moments when you are reading that you will go "oops, nope, we're in the past again" as previous conversations with Rachel shadow Nora in the present. Nora doggedly seeks out and speaks to those that knew Rachel, beginning to doubt what she is being told and with time, beginning to doubt her own knowledge of her sister. Love these unexpected debut delights! UNDER THE HARROW is quite delicious; all the right thriller ingredients are there and your plane ride or night in at home is now spoken for. It won't take you long devour this absorbing little novel that deposits you straight away into the lonely world of a single Londoner who is left behind after the brutal murder of the one woman she would always see as her anchor - her sister.

Year of Publication

There is no warning for Nora that her sister Rachel is about to be taken away from her.

It's just one more train ride to Rachel's town after work, and Nora has a lot on her mind for the journey. The two young women have always had that typical sisterly relationship - that unique half love, half hate, but always with that family tie that can bind two adult women as close as they possibly can be. So it is Nora that discovers Rachel, slain in her own home. Unable to move on with her life until the investigation into her sister's killing is complete, Nora takes leave from her job to shadow the local detectives and examines her own past with Rachel for clues. Nora knows that is ultimately her duty to carry the baton for Rachel and push through to the truth.

Andrea Thompson
Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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