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Andrea Thompson

Best selling author Nora Roberts excels in churning out the whip fast reads, and THE OBSESSION is another book where the dialogue is snappy, we have a savvy and feisty heroine, and the love interest is uber masculine and good with his hands. You will be half way through this novel before you know it, caught up in the evolving relationship between the two leads whilst not losing sight of the fact that there is someone waiting and wanting to bring all that happiness down.

There is quite a contrast between the present day Naomi scenes, and the first few chapters set in the past where the horror all began.  It is relayed in such a teen thriller fashion that you are almost expecting a punch line or to find out it was some horrible dream.  These introductory chapters don't gel with the bulk of the book, which is breezy modern romance.  The book finds its pace when we have Naomi in her new home, making renovation plans with her builder, pottering around with her photography and meeting the townsfolk.   Naomi is a trauma survivor and it is in the many smaller details of how she builds this new home for herself where satisfaction lies for the reader. 

There are no surprises in this novel and the crime aspect is almost unnecessary, other than as a way to explain why Naomi is gun shy of relationships and is starting out anew.  Fans will enjoy this read and care for both Xander and Naomi, and Naomi's family and the townsfolk as well.  A sweet winter read about moving on and not letting the past limit your future happiness.

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Photographer Naomi Carson has surprised even herself with her urge to buy a house and put down roots.  A fixer upper in a beautiful rural town seems a perfect clean slate on which to begin her new life and she feels at long last that she can relax and plan for the future.  Naomi soon finds that with making personal connections comes complications, but they are welcome ones to someone who has spent most of her life leaving as small an emotional footprint on the world as she can.

As the daughter of a serial killer, the events in Naomi's past were fodder for a bestselling true crime book, and even a movie was made of the brave young girl who discovered where her evil father kept his young victims.  Having that in her past has always made Naomi wary of every new person in her life.  What do they know, what do they want from her?

When Xander the town mechanic, moves in on her life and heart it seems like the next step in a row of positive changes in her life.  When the first body is found out in the woods, Naomi just hopes it was someone's really bad luck. Then there is another and the whole town begins to sharpen up and ask questions.

Review Review - THE OBSESSION, Nora Roberts
Andrea Thompson
Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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