PACKING DEATH - Lachlan McCulloch

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Karen Chisholm

This is the true crime story of (then) Detective Senior Constable Lachlan McCulloch and the undercover operation he ran to crack the notorious Pettingill family drug trafficking network in the immediate aftermath of the not-guilty verdicts handed down to members of that family for the execution style murder of two young police constables. McCulloch worked with two female informers over a long period of time, generating a lot of taped surveillance and drug deals to build up a case which resulted in over 15 major convictions. Underneath the flippant and light style of the writing is the story of a very very scary experience.

True Crime written by the real thing - an undercover cop with many many years of experience.

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The Pettingill crime family was almost off limits to police. Two members had been acquitted of the murder of two young policemen, with no chance of persecution. Along comes undercover cop Lachlan McCulloch. He spent months befriending the people who had killed his comrades, knowing that they would kill him without compunction.

Review PACKING DEATH - Lachlan McCulloch
Karen Chisholm
Monday, October 1, 2007
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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