Notorious, Olivia Hayfield

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Part of a series of novels placing real life historical events in a modern setting, NOTORIOUS deals with one of England's past mysteries - the Princes in the Tower, and the enigma that was Richard III. The modern setting revolves around a world famous arty family, the Snows. Belle is a singer, her husband Teddy an acclaimed actor. Their 5 children live their lives in the shadow of their parents, but eldest daughter Emma has dreams of her own. She wants to be a writer, she wants a cat and she wants to forget her first love interest. 

The story revolves around the disappearance of the two young brothers, and the way that it finally rips the family apart. Whilst the disappearance is the central theme, the novel presents strongly on the romantic side of the spectrum. It's very readable, highly entertaining and would definitely appeal most strongly to readers of crimance, and those with a particular interest in the historical backdrop.

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Everyone has heard of the Snows. Belle, world-famous singer of Woodville fame. Her husband Teddy, acclaimed actor by day, notorious party animal by night. Their children: Emma, Pearl, Crystal, Elfred and River.


Emma Snow wants three things in the world: to become a writer, own a cat, and never think about Rowan Bosworth again. Darkly handsome with a tragic past, Emma should know better than to be in love with him. She's never sure whether he actually likes her, or if she's just a pawn in one of the twisted games he likes to play.


One Valentine's Day, a terrible event occurs which rips the Snow family apart. Determined to uncover the truth, Emma is forced to delve into the dark underbelly of her celebrity family - and once and for all decide whether to think with her heart or her head . .

When you're surrounded by rumours, it's difficult to see the truth . . .

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