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Karen Chisholm

Mammoth by name, mammoth by nature - this collection has 42 stories in total, many of which come from well-known names, with a good sprinkling of new and emerging writers. Exactly the sort of thing short story fans would be looking for.

Preferring the darker side of the genre, there was lots to satisfy this reader in this collection, but there's also entries from the lighter side - how could there not be with writers like Alexander McCall Smith.  In this collection you'll find a couple of entries by Ian Rankin and Peter Lovesey and others from Mick Herron, Denise Mina, Edward Marston, Marilyn Todd, Kate Atkinson, Stuart MacBride, David Hewson, Alexander McCall Smith, Nigel Bird, Robert Barnard, Lin Anderson, Allan Guthrie, A.L. Kennedy, Simon Kernick, Roz Southey, Andrew Taylor, Sheila Quigley, Declan Burke, Keith McCarthy, Christopher Brookmyre, Gerard Brennan, Matthew J. Elliott, Colin Bateman, Ray Banks, Simon Brett, Adrian Magson, Jay Stringer, Amy Myers, Nick Quantrill, Stephen Booth, Paul Johnston, Zoe Sharp, Paul D. Brazill, Louise Welsh, Liza Cody, Peter Turnbull and Nicholas Royle.  You can probably imagine with a lineup like that, just how good each of these stories is to have been included.  The range is wide, the subject and handling different, and frankly, this is just a terrific collection.

Just a quick warning - a few stories in this collection are duplicated in the little collection CRIMESPOTTING I read a while ago.  No big deal - they were all well worth reading a second time.


Leading editor and reviewer Maxim Jakubowski has compiled another beguiling collection of the year's best new short crime fiction from the UK.  Ian Rankin's perennially popular Edinburgh cop, Inspector Rebus, makes an unexpected comeback in a short but intriguing story 'The Very Last Drop', and the collection closes with another Rankin story 'Driven'.

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