The Lewis Pass, Justin Warren

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Karen Chisholm

THE LEWIS PASS is the second book in the Dylan Harper series - the first being THE FORGOTTEN LANDS (I believe aka DEAD GROUND but that needs confirmation - they sound like the same book but it could be a rewrite). Anyway, it's an interesting little series, although it's probably one that would be best read from the start especially given the premise of this one hangs 100% on the happenings in the earlier book.

As the blurb puts it:

"On his last case, Dylan Harper strayed too close to a secret government operation and needed to be silenced. For three years, planted evidence has kept him in prison. But he's just got out and he wants justice."

There's action aplenty in this traditionally styled thriller, set on the West Coast of New Zealand. It's styling is on the noir side as well, which absolutely never hurts for this reader at least, and there's plenty of intrigue - political, governmental and criminal to keep you turning the pages. The only downside is one of those endings that sort of reeks of "and in the next book", which may drive some readers bats, and might mean others are standing by in anticipation. All in all though, a series well worth keeping an eye on (from the very start if you can).


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Dylan Harper's career is already in tatters when he arrives home late one night to find someone waiting for him. The Chief of Police has an undercover assignment that needs to be conducted "off the books" and with the utmost secrecy. So Harper heads to the rugged West Coast of New Zealand without support or backup and starts sniffing around. That's when things go from bad to worse.

Review The Lewis Pass, Justin Warren
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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