The Last Devil to Die, Richard Osman

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Karen Chisholm

The biggest problem I'm finding with the audio versions of the Thursday Murder Club entrants, THE LAST DEVIL TO DIE being the latest, is that the blasted things fly past in the blink of an eye. Even at silly number of chapters they just simply disappear, leaving me wanting more too quickly.

Although THE LAST DEVIL TO DIE pulled some deeply moving surprises on more than one occasion - the depiction of somebody (Elizabeth's husband Stephen) disappearing as Alzheimer's took over was heartbreaking. And helpfully educational, as we're inclined to not see Alzheimer's from the point of view of the sufferer. There was much to be learned and considered in the way that Osman drew out Stephen's story, his attempts at coping, and the impact that it has on somebody, particularly in the early days, when there is self-awareness of the plight, and the affect it will have on beloved family and friends.

There is a mystery, of course, in this story, and the foursome go about the solving of it in their well established manner, although Elizabeth is, understandably somewhat distracted at points. But her friends have her back, and the relationship between these four main characters is the thing about these books. Four older people, four close friends, four people who have been there, done more than a bit and are slowly coming to reveal just what some of those things are. In each of these books there's something that brings you closer to the life behind the grey hair, the creaky bones, and the failing physicality. And what a life they have all lead. 

These are such wonderful books - and I understand the series is going on hiatus for a little while - but there is a movie coming, for which the casting has been announced, all of which seems pretty well spot on to this reader at least.

Definitely on the cosier side, this series is utterly perfect amusement reading, with a gentle (timely) reminder that even as you get old, you're still capable of good, brave and quite clever things.

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You'd think you would be allowed to relax over Christmas, but not in the world of the Thursday Murder Club.

On Boxing Day, a dangerous package is smuggled across the English coast. When it goes missing, chaos is unleashed. The body count starts to rise - including someone close to the Thursday Murder Club - as our gang face an impossible search and their most deadly opponents yet.

With the clock ticking down and a killer heading to Cooper's Chase, has their luck finally run out? And who will be 'The Last Devil To Die'?

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