INNOCENT BLOOD - Elizabeth Corley

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There are some authors who just seem to be able to consistently turn out good books, ones that engage your attention, sometimes create some discomfort in the reader, but invariably make you think.  Elizabeth Corley is one of those authors for me, I remember her books long after I've finished reading them.  INNOCENT BLOOD continues the standard.

DCI Fenwick's case - the Choir Boy investigations into a paedophile ring, was triggered by information from the USA, indicating that there is a paedophile ring operating in his area.  This ring looks like it has been in existence for years and could very well have been involved in the murder of local boys.  One boy's body, murdered and buried twenty-five years ago has already been discovered, and there is another boy who has been missing for a similar amount of time, as well as an eleven-year old who has recently disappeared.  At the same time Major Maidment may have been hailed as a hero by the local community, when he shoots a conman when he pulled a knife on police, but Fenwick's friend and colleague Inspector Nightingale is looking at having to charge the Major with attempted murder.  She's also convinced that Major Maidment is hiding something.

Some readers will may the subject matter in INNOCENT BLOOD disturbing, but the handling of it is sensitive, without sensation, whilst also revealing enough to ensure you're aware of the evil that is being perpetrated.  There are quite a lot of books around at the moment that have paedophilia as the central crime and many of those don't do the subject matter justice.  Sometimes you get the distinct feeling of the crime du jour being followed, not contributing anything much to the readers understanding of the central subject matter.  That's not the case in INNOCENT BLOOD as the book conveys a number of aspects of the crime, including a series of saddening and differing points of view, but ultimately the message is clearly that whilst paedophilia itself is incomprehensibly sick, there's something considerably more chilling in the organisation and joint participation in such activity.  The men in INNOCENT BLOOD who perpetrate these crimes are undetectable in their day to day lives - uncomfortably normal.

Whilst the subject matter may trigger an automatic skip in some people, the book is extremely well done.  Tight, taut, uncomfortable, sensitive, caring INNOCENT BLOOD isn't what you could call an enjoyable read, but it was exactly the sort of book that you can expect from this author, and really worth sticking with.

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DCI Andrew Fenwick is on a tough case.  The Choir Boy investigation, a project outside ordinary police jurisdiction, aims to expose an infamous and increasingly powerful paedophile ring.  Moreover, with eleven-year-old schoolboy Sam Bowyers missing, every second counts.  But is the investigation more complex than it initially seems?  And could something buried alongside a child's corpse, twenty-five years ago, be a vital clue?

Review INNOCENT BLOOD - Elizabeth Corley
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, January 6, 2010
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