Hip Flask and Hanging, Rodney Strong

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Karen Chisholm

HIP FLASK AND HANGING is the second in the Silvermoon Retirement Village Cozy series featuring the intrepid, impressive and slightly dodgy 97 year old Alice Atkinson, resident of the aforementioned retirement village and investigator. She of the many many ghosts from the past, although one wandering past her in the street was most unexpected, and decidedly unwelcome.

The past is one thing, and it's gotten way too close which is going to need Alice to do some serious recalling of events from 1969 in Swinging London, but in the current day, and much closer to home, her friend Teresa needs help - she's sure somebody is breaking into her retirement complex apartment but nobody will believe her. It's up to Alice, and her trusty companion, fellow sleuth, and home employee, Vanessa to track down the culprit. Needless to say, events from 1969 seem to have leaked into current day life, and Alice finds herself in danger, and we all know Alice isn't going anywhere without putting up a darn good fight.

This really is a very engaging cosy styled series, mostly because the character of Alice is wonderfully real. It doesn't hurt that this gentle, mannered elderly lady has lived quite a life, and continues to do so, what with hipflasks secreted all over the apartment, and some of the memories of 1969 London decidedly on the risque side of little old lady expectations.

Comic, and clever, this series is one of those that will most definitely appeal to anybody who is looking for something a little unusual, and perhaps a little hopeful as we all slide inexorably into that age where you'd hope that a bit of reminiscing wasn't going to work better than medically prescribed sleep medications.


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97 year old Alice Atkinson has many ghosts in her past, but she never expected to see this one walk past her in the street.

She doesn't have much time to think about the past though as her friend Teresa asks her for help. She thinks someone is breaking into her apartment and soon Alice and her trusty young companion Vanessa are on the case.

Tracking down the culprit might be exactly what she needs to stop thinking about the events of London in 1969, but soon the two events may overlap more than she would like, and once again she finds herself in danger.

Alice has made it this far, she's not going down without a fight.

Review Hip Flask and Hanging, Rodney Strong
Karen Chisholm
Monday, August 2, 2021

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