Deadhead, Glenn Wood

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Karen Chisholm

Aimed at getting younger generations to read books (and I'd guess particularly boys), DEADHEAD is a very funny romp, populated by wonderful characters, incorporating messaging about power balances and friendship that's subtle, and cleverly executed.

Combining text and cartoon / graphic replays of previous events, this story starts out with the death of Constable Garrett, and continues with his resurrection as a conscious cyborg initially controlled by 13 year old inventor, entrepreneur and car thief Spencer Langley. Right here I guess some parents are wondering about whether or not this reader was misinterpreting the messaging, but it really is very cleverly done - the way all the bad is used to find pathways to good, the relationships in the story are brilliant, and there's a grab bag of things to be paying attention to - friendship and loyalty, jealousy and rivalry, ill-fated love, revenge, peril, and a zombie cop.

Cannot recommend this highly enough - particularly if you have kids who are a bit reluctant to pick up a book (or adults in the household for that matter - this works for those of us on the "older" end of the age scale as well).


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The story starts with the death of Constable Garrett... and continues with his resurrection as a conscious cyborg initially controlled by Spencer Langley aged 13, inventor, entrepreneur and car thief. Things get even more complicated with the introduction of sinister criminals and Garrett’s ex partner. Includes graphic replays every third chapter for the entertainment of all.

Review Deadhead, Glenn Wood
Karen Chisholm
Friday, November 26, 2021

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