Curses and Cousins, Helen Vivienne Fletcher

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Karen Chisholm

The second in this YA / Kids series from New Zealand writer, Helen Vivienne Fletcher, CURSES AND COUSINS follows on pretty closely from the earlier book, FAMILIARS AND FOES. Closely enough that it would probably be a good idea for kids to read both books in order, just so they have a feel for Adeline, Coco and Hemi. 

Listing the characters in that order is on purpose - Adeline and Coco were a closely knit unit before Hemi and Adeline became partners in the first novel, expectant parents in this one. Coco, an assistance dog, has been with Adeline and through a lot of stuff for many years. The stuff being ghostly, witchy and more than a bit crazy at points, combined with severe epilepsy and a longing for connection. In this outing, Hemi's cousin has arrived, bringing a host of ghostly visitors with her. Strange, ominous omens start to appear, upsetting the balance of the household, but when Coco's threatened enough, is enough, as far as Adeline is concerned.

This is a lovely little series, from a well known Children and Young People's author in her native country.

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Adeline and Hemi finally have everything they ever wanted. A loving partnership, baby on the way, and who could forget Adeline’s beautiful assistance dog, Coco?

But… things never stay peaceful for long when magic is involved. Hemi’s cousin arrives, bringing some unwelcome visitors with her. A whole host of ghosts have moved themselves in, and not one of them can hear Adeline.

Strange, ominous omens start to appear, upsetting the balance of the household. When one of these threatens Coco’s life, Adeline has to act.

Will this cousin’s visit leave them all cursed?

Review Curses and Cousins, Helen Vivienne Fletcher
Karen Chisholm
Thursday, October 19, 2023

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