Bring Me Back, B.A. Paris

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Andrea Thompson

As we’ve discovered with the two previous monster hits from this author (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and THE BREAKDOWN ), Paris knows how to keep us in the seat and our eyes glued to the page.  BRING ME BACK sets its own pace of creeping suspicion, denial, a good re-think, then circling back to rampant suspicion.  Having a less than snowy white protagonist is all to the good and it works here that Finn is more everyday narky than a noble wounded survivor of tragedy.  There’s more invested  in BRING ME BACK than just the possibility of happy ever after for Finn.  He has to work to get to that point, unravel and then re-form.

You may however be thinking as you read this book that “whoa, this man is extraordinarily dumb” and it is this colossal realization that takes away from what is otherwise a very readable work of crime fiction.  It is so mind bogglingly obvious what is going on, so early on, that you start to question the sanity of the protagonist.  Given, our Finn comes across as a bit vain and self-absorbed, but seriously.  This is one person not coming across as that bright for someone who is supposed to be a gun financial analyst.  His friends aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed either.  A small cast, a small setting, few choices in suspects as to the who and why narrows your focus and this will rachet up the tension for the reader who will pile it onto every character encountered.

BRING ME BACK is a fast and enjoyable beach read that will carry you through to a change of shift with the lifeguards. Definitely a one trick pony though.  Once that pony ponied up, that was all you could see and the rest of the book was reading on in hope that your insight to the obvious was not all there was going to be.  


Bring on B.A. Paris, book number four!

Year of Publication

Ten years on from the disappearance of his young girlfriend Layla, Finn has well and truly taken charge of his own destiny.  Engaged to be married to a wonderful woman, Finn has worked hard and built up enough cash reserves to be able to work from home, support his dog and live the quiet life in an English village.  Life for Finn is extremely good.  How quickly things can change.

The appearance of Russian nesting dolls, left on the wall outside Finn and Ellen’s house plus arriving in the post, are a huge jolt to the couple.  The dolls once meant something to Layla, and also to her sister -  Finn’s fiancé Ellen.   An old neighbour spots Layla in the street of Finn’s old town and then it’s on for one and all.  Is Layla still alive?  Separating himself from happy memories of his time with Layla has not been a easy task for Finn in the years since she vanished, and moving on with Layla’s sister all the way up to the altar has required Finn to make some slight adjustments. Finn’s official account to the police of what occurred at that vacation stop ten years ago was a little different than from what actually happened.  Finn always did have a bit of a temper.

Review Bring Me Back, B.A. Paris
Andrea Thompson
Sunday, March 18, 2018

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