And Away ..., Bob Mortimer

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Karen Chisholm

Bob Mortimer is probably best known around these parts for his legendary appearances on WOULD I LIE TO YOU? The TV show that includes David Mitchell as a team captain, somebody who, it has to be said, Mortimer has bluffed well and truly. His storytelling style on that show is exactly the same as it is in this biography, and you can't help but think it wouldn't be a bad idea for Mitchell to have been able to have read it (realise the timing isn't conducive) - as a lot of the stories that turn out to be true on that show (as unbelievable as most of them are), are covered in this amiable, lovely, and honest telling.

We listened to this in audio format, which has Mortimer reading his own story, loved the way that there were points that you could really feel the pain the retelling was causing him - the terror of his heart attack and subsequent surgery, and what could happen to his much loved family in the event that things didn't go well. And the joy. The stories of naughty childhood pranks, and the fun he had over many years working with Vic Reeves, the comedy partner with whom he made his name in the UK, Most of the shows he refers to in these sections meant nothing to this Australian listener, although you could clearly get a feel for the surreal, offbeat style of humour that both men absolutely love, and seemingly excel at.  

He comes across in this book as a lovely bloke, who is acutely aware of the luck he's had along the way, and the debt he owes to friends, family and colleagues. Not that he's cloying or over the top about any of that, it all sounds like a man who is vaguely baffled at how he got to where he is, immensely grateful for the opportunity to have gotten there, and always aware of those who helped and befriended him along the way. Highly recommended as a listening experience - he's got a lovely delivery and we happily whiled away the hours of the book whilst travelling around in the car. Luckily there were only a few times when the laughter became so overwhelming we had to pull over...

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Bob Mortimer’s life was trundling along happily until suddenly in 2015 he was diagnosed with a heart condition that required immediate surgery and forced him to cancel an upcoming tour. The episode unnerved him, but forced him to reflect on his life so far. This is the framework for his hilarious and moving memoir, And Away…

Review And Away ..., Bob Mortimer
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, January 16, 2024
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