Review - Tainted by Fire, Sidney Mazzi

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Karen Chisholm

The novella, TAINTED BY FIRE, from New Zealand based author Sidney Mazza, definitely telegraphs promise of things to come. There's an excellent idea at the heart of this work - an ordinary family man, living an ordinary sort of a life suddenly has everything tipped on its head, and he's in the fight of his life. There's plenty of potential for "what would I do" musings on the part of readers, as well as whatever it is that Bradley Cain decides to do.

It's not all promise though, and TAINTED BY FIRE is struggling a lot in places. There are too frequent leaps in logic which don't make a lot of sense, but the most obvious problem is the stilted dialogue which, to be fair, probably comes as a result of a lack of editing. Especially as I understand English is not the author's first language - it certainly reads like somebody who is a very formal, taught speaker rather than somebody who grew up with conversational English. 

The potential here is undoubtedly in plot imagining - the idea behind this is very intriguing, the over-the-top action very reminiscent of gung-ho thrillers, with some good twists and turns.


Bradley Cain is a family man living an ordinary life in a peaceful town in New Zealand. In one short moment his world and everything in it changes life as he knows it. Waking up confused and in pain, Brad soon is caught up in a desperate fight to regain his family and reputation. In fast paced action, Brad is launched into a war with some of New Zealand´s most violent criminals. There is just one way for him to win, and to regain his family. All will taste the fear as Brad is tainted by fire and wallows deep in the mind of the psychopath. How much of Brad will be left if he is to regain what has been stolen from him.

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