Angus Gillies


Angus Gillies is the author of books about All Black Justin Marshall, Blackcaps cricketer Adam Parore, Kiwis rugby league player Matthew Ridge, his father former Celtic footballer Iain Gillies and pop star John Rowles. He has also written the three volume true crime series Ngati Dread, crime novella The Lizard Song and a journalism book about TV news coverage of the death of Princess Diana. He is a TV producer at 3 News in New Zealand. He is married to the artist Tui Emma Gillies and they have three children together, plus Angus has an older son.

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From the Blurb:

Boom and Bust is a violent hard-boiled crime novel about a man forced into acts of desperation and depravity by debt. He is over-committed in the property market and is changing careers to have a crack as a real estate agent just as the Global Financial Crisis is about to hit. His timing couldn't be worse and the bodies are piling up around him as he tries to shoot his way out of trouble.