UNDERBELLY 6 - Andrew Rule and John Silvester

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Karen Chisholm

I'm overdosing on the Underbelly series a bit at the moment, using them as fillers between some hefty Crime Fiction tomes, and why not. In Underbelly 6 the authors take you thought the disappearance of a wife, mother and ex-TV game show model, a bit about the stitch up of the Mickelberg brothers, the slow poisoning death of a husband in Bendigo, the inexplicable death of a policeman and a range of other snippets. The tongue in cheek style of the authors just appeals.

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Lorraine Moss loved to cook... ...

her meatloaf was to die for.

No one knew what made Johnny Moss sick. The robust slaughterman was reduced to life in a wheelchair as his health failed by degrees. Friends marvelled at the way his wife stuck by her man as he faded and, finally, died in agony. It took police 18 years to prove that she had slowly poisoned him.

Seemingly normal people capable of evil beyond belief...this is Australia's Underbelly.

Review UNDERBELLY 6 - Andrew Rule and John Silvester
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, October 2, 2007

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