Our House, Louise Candlish

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Andrea Thompson

OUR HOUSE takes a new slant on modern crime and it is that twitchingly horrifying to know that this sort of thing can actually happen.  Your homeowner’s hackles will be well and truly up and ready to attack.  OUR HOUSE melds a modern relationship drama with a suspense thriller plot that plays out simultaneously with the discoveries of Fi as she tries to figure out what the hell has taken hold of her (cheating) husband.  What happened to Bram that he would sell his own children’s home out from underneath them?  Where has he gone? 

The absolute unfairness of what is happening to Fi rankles throughout, and it is concern for her that will have the reader galloping through to find out if she ends up okay.  It is fair cop to say that there is some middle novel lag, but this is the time needed in which to delve a little more into the backstory of how Fi comes to be in the middle of such a tangled mess.  There is never any doubt about who is to blame and we realize that the bad guys aren’t only the ones doing dodgy deals with your title deeds.

Compelling reading, OUR HOUSE is a novel about suspicion, fraud and family.  It could easily have been a one trick pony but author Louise Candlish has made sure there is plenty going on in this novel and alternates the viewpoints enough so that we are required to think again about what we have just read.  The London suburbs prove to be dense enough to hide the most fractured of families and the deepest of secrets.

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Bram and Fiona have two terrific kids, and the most gorgeous of London homes.  So pretty from the outside that people stop to take the occasional photo.  So warm and welcoming on the inside that the couple dream of their children bringing up their own families within the same walls.  Comfortingly, the house is also a huge asset for the family’s financial future.

The marriage is however not going so well.  When Fi comes home to Trinity Avenue one day to see another family moving in, she assumes it is just one big silly mistake.  Bram and Fi separated and are sharing the Trinity Avenue house plus a nearby flat – only they are not occupying the same space at the same time.   What could Bram possibly be thinking, renting a house without Fi’s consent? The new family in Bram and Fiona’s home however are the new owners and have paid millions for their new property.  The nightmare begins for Fi to try and find her errant ex husband Bram, and to get back what is rightfully hers.

Review Our House, Louise Candlish
Andrea Thompson
Thursday, May 31, 2018

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