A Cure For All Diseases - Reginald Hill

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Sunnie Gill

In the dedication of the book Reginald Hill wrote in part: To Janeites everywhere.  If you’ve read Jane Austen you’ll quickly discover why. If you haven’t (like me) then it will sail over your head and it doesn’t really matter anyway.  I won’t give away the reason for the dedication. It will be an extra layer for Austen fans.

The story is told from the point of view of a number of characters. First and foremost is Dalziel’s  conversations with “Mildred”.  Charlotte’s perspective is told in the form of long, chatty (and poorly spelled) emails to her sister in Africa.  Various members of the investigation team; Pascoe, Wield, Novello and Bowler also get a look-in from their perspectives.

A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES also sees a shift in the dynamics of the relationship between Dalziel and Pascoe.  Pascoe feels he is ready to spread his wings without Dalziel looking over his shoulder.  With Pascoe in charge, Sergeant Wield is seeing a change in him.  He thinks Pascoe is starting to exhibit traits that are decidedly Dalzielesque!

There are some who found the emails a distraction with the poor spelling and grammar.  I didn’t. I enjoyed the quirkiness of them.  A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES is Reginald Hill’s twenty-third Dalziel and Pascoe novel and it is a testimony to his skill as a writer that number twenty-three is as fresh and compelling as all his others. 

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The new psychological thriller featuring Dalziel and Pascoe, the hugely popular detective duo and stars of the long-running BBC TV series, following on from the bestselling Death of Dalziel He may have been in a coma but it would take an act of God to put Superintendent 'Fat' Andy Dalziel down for good. In the meantime, He'll settle for a few weeks' bed-rest. Sandytown, a pleasant seaside resort devoted to healing, seems just the ticket. And when a fellow newcomer appears in the shapely form of psychologist Charlotte Heywood, Dalziel develops an unexpected passion for alternative therapy. But Sandytown's warring landowners have grandiose plans for the resort. One of them has to go and when one of them does, in spectacularly gruesome fashion, DCI Peter Pascoe is called in to investigate - with Dalziel and Charlotte providing unwelcome support. And Pascoe soon finds dark forces at work in a place where holistic remedies are no match for the oldest cure of all! 

Review A Cure For All Diseases - Reginald Hill
Sunnie Gill
Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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