Time for me to go on the prowl again. Oh, the glory of it. Two long months I've waited since Brenda Livingstone's demise. This is what fills my life. Watching, waiting, then partaking in the pleasure of what I have become. A serial killer.
A second body of a young woman had been found dead in the Heritage Hotel in Glanville within the past two months. Detective Inspector Blake Forsythe was unimpressed it was obvious there was a serial killer in their midst. Whoever it was used the same MO identical to the last murder. They needed to catch the person or persons responsible before another life was taken. Although a seasoned Detective Blake was horrified at the extent the killer had gone to. The perpetrator was methodical in his approach to these killings. Could Blake catch him before there was a third.
Watching intently as she crossed the road excitement building within him.” Not long now my pretty.” Overwhelmed by the thought of their assignation tonight he could hardly breath. Pen in hand with shaking fingers he wrote. DIARY ENTRY:

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