A long-haul flight. Two ambitious dance mums. A child in danger.

Bridget and Simone aren’t friends. But their daughters are in the same dance troupe, so they’re flying to Los Angeles for the girls to perform at Disneyland. Simone’s daughter Zahra is indisputably a leader in the group, but Bridget’s daughter Becky is a talent on the rise.

Simone and her husband are accustomed to business class, but Bridget is less comfortable there. Both lonely women are surprised to find something in common, until Bridget discovers images of Zahra and other dancers that shock her. Are they exploitative or art?

A fierce examination of their dance world ensues, tension rises, and there’s no way for anyone to escape it. For two very different families and four teenagers, what unfolds over the flight will shock and threaten to destroy them.

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