John Kelly's gorgeous daughter, Mirka, is as brilliant a sportsperson as her dad - and now it's her turn to represent her country at the Olympics in her chosen field of beach volleyball. John Kelly is still coaching runner Gayle McKee, so he's part of the national squad at this Olympics too, and Gayle finally has the chance to prove herself against the best runners the world has to offer.

Elite international sport is tough enough without all the jealousy, plotting and maneuvering Mirka, John and Gayle face as they pursue their goals. Where careers can be made and broken in a few seconds, where everything is on the line, can this expectional trio withstand all the attempts to ruin their years of training and preparation?


Bruce Melrose

Bruce Melrose grew up on New Zealand's Kapiti Coast, just north of the capital city, Wellington, and is a graduate of Massey University.

He was a Wellington track champion over 3000m steeplechase and 10,000m, and a New Zealand 3000m steeplechase representative in 1989.

He raced in the IAAF Grand Prix 3000m steeplechase in London against many of the best steeplechasers of his generation.

He lives with Ali and their two dogs Ruby and Benny.

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Karen Chisholm
Thursday, July 2, 2020

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