When the storm dies down after the death of her aunt Jenny and the suicide of her cousin Cate, Marlo attempts to get on with her life. But when she discovers the body of a tramp bludgeoned to death in a local park, her grief emerges raw and fresh. Reluctant to get drawn into the investigation of another death, Marlo finds she has no choice when the police point the finger at her boss and friend of many years, Harold. Perhaps in solving this new mystery, she will at last be able to put her own ghosts to rest.


Carolyn Morwood

Carolyn Morwood is a Special Education teacher, living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Her poetry and short stories have been published in the UK and Australia. Her first novel The Blessing File, was published by The Women's Press in 1998 and won the Tom Howard Mystery Novel Contest.

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Series: Eleanor Jones

Series: Lyn Blessing

Series: Marlo Shaw

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