'Anyone with money is a god, anywhere.  Here, you may be the biggest, vilest, ugliest, moste diseased blackguard in the state, but if there's cash behind you, you're respected.' John Archibald Cups is a bitter young man.  Falsely accused of embezzlement by his banking employers, he's turned against respectable Adelaide, where the hypocrisy of the racecourse rules. Protected by his false face, false identities, and false fortune, he's racing to out-jockey the hounds of the law.


Arthur Gask

Arthur Cecil Gask (1872-1951) was born in London. He practised as a dental surgeon for more than forty years in England and Australia. He died in North Adelaide, South Australia.


  • A Secret of the Sandhills 1923
  • The Red Paste Murders (US Title: Murder in the Night) 1924
  • The Secret of the Garden 1924
  • Cloud the Smiter 1926
  • The Dark Highway 1928
  • The Lonely House 1929
  • Gentlemen of Crime 1932
  • The House on the Fens 1932
  • The House on the Island 1932
  • The Hidden Door 1934
  • The Judgment of Larose 1934
  • The Poisoned Goblet 1935
  • The Hangman's Knot 1936
  • The Master Spy 1937
  • The Night of the Storm 1937
  • The Grave-Digger of Monks Arden 1938
  • The Fall of a Dictator 1939
  • The Shadow of Larose 1939
  • The Vengeance of Larose 1939
  • The Tragedy of the Silver Moon 1940
  • The Beachy Head Murder 1941
  • His Prey Was Man 1942
  • The Mystery of Fell Castle 1944
  • The Man of Death 1946
  • The Dark Miss Stream 1947
  • The Unfolding Years 1947
  • The House with the High Wall 1948
  • The Storm Breaks 1949
  • The Silent Dead 1950
  • The Vaults of Blackarden Castle 1950
  • Marauders by Night 1951
  • Night and Fog 1951
  • Crime Upon Crime 1952
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Series: Gilbert Larose

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