Amelia Winn’s life after her traumatic accident is completely different to the life she enjoyed before.  Once Amelia had an attentive husband, a much-loved step daughter, a fulfilling nursing career – and her hearing.  Now living alone with her service dog Stitch, Amelia is slowly coming back around to creating a new kind of normal for herself.  Taking her kayak out has become Amelia’s daily therapeutic pleasure and the river has done much to assist Amelia with accepting that the world will now forever be silent to her.  Amelia is considering working again, and she continues to work on maintaining civil relations with her ex in the hope that she may still have a place in the life of her step daughter Nora.

It was a long struggle for Amelia to adjust to her situation, and the river alongside her cabin home played no small part in her recovery.  Her discovery of a woman’s body during her daily kayak is disturbing enough to Amelia, and to realize that she knows the deceased takes her distress beyond shock.  This is too much of a coincidence for Amelia who has huge regrets about having pushed so many people away when she was recovering from her injuries two years ago.  Gwen had tried her best to keep in touch back then, but Amelia had been in no mood to accept help. Amelia’s new mission is to find justice for her friend.

Year of Publication
Review Review - Not a Sound, Heather Gudenkauf
Andrea Thompson
Monday, June 26, 2017

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