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Opening Sentence: "...BlackWidow has entered the room..."

PD Martin's second novel is simply amazing. It is so chillingly plausible it leaves you feeling very uncomfortable. Most internet users belong to some sort of online discussion group or forum. Many of these forums are for the use of its members only. THE MURDERERS' CLUB opens in one such forum - only this one consists of four members - and they are all established serial killers.

Australian FBI Profiler, Sophie Anderson, is taking a break in Arizona with a colleague and friend, Detective Darren Carter. He knows her secret. That she can mentally connect with the victims through visions and dreams, she actually sees them through the eyes of their murderer.

No sooner has Sophie arrived in Arizona than a body shows up at the University - followed by a second and a third. Darren is assigned the case and Sophie joins him in the investigation . Can her visions of a woman's horrific death help solve the crime and stop any more victims?

The story is propelled through two main points of view. The investigators and the murderers. The reader soon knows what is going on - there is a group of captives that are locked away in an underground bunker. They are being watched by the four members of the murderers' club as they vie for the chance to murder their favourite captive through an auction. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up as you read the lighthearted discussions between the criminals - the complete lack of compassion and guilt.

Sophie and Darren have to work out the secret behind their latest serial killer and then try and catch them and stop them. There are twists and turns right up to the very end.

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Sophie Anderson takes a week off to visit colleague and friend, Detective Darren Carter, in Tucson Arizona. But she's not in Arizona for ten minutes before murder interrupts their well-laid plans - and her visions suddenly return for the first time in six months.

Sophie and Darren investigate the murder, and a week later the killer strikes again - there's a serial killer in Tucson. The pair follows leads to Chicago and Las Vegas, trying to find out what the victims had in common and why the killer targeted them.

Meanwhile, Sophie's visions of a woman's horrific death haunt her and she pushes herself harder in an attempt to save the woman she suspects may be the next victim.

With time running out, a startling discovery is made - one that changes everything and redefines cybercrime.

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