EASY MEAT - John Harvey

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Karen Chisholm

A fifteen-year-old tearaway is obviously heading for a whole lot of trouble, but when he seemingly commits suicide in a youth detention centre after nearly bludgeoning an elderly couple to death, there just seems to be something more to this than originally meets the eye.

When the senior policeman put in charge of the enquiry into the boys death is then found bludgeoned to death, things start to take on a more sinister feeling and rapidly becoming increasingly complicated. Charlie Resnick is put in charge of the death of the enquiry into the death of a senior officer, whilst his love life takes an interesting turn for the better, even though Hannah Campbell is not a cat lover!


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Why would a fifteen-year-old boy commit suicide?

Mind you, who cares when he's a no-good kid on trial for bludgeoning an elderly couple to death?

But when the senior investigating officer is then found brutally murdered, DI Charlie Resnick is put on the case, and uncovers some sinister and startling revelations.

It also brings Resnick into contact with Hannah Campbell, with whom he finds himself falling unexpectedly and awkwardly in love...

Review EASY MEAT - John Harvey
Karen Chisholm
Monday, October 1, 2007

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