Director Buzz Shaw invites reclusive former rock star Zirk to a screening of his latest film at 'Tropfest' short film festival, neither is aware that they are both about to take starring roles in a very different style of film production. Murder! The clapperboard has barely slammed shut on the festivities when Fleur, Zirk's chauffeuse, finds Buzz strangled by a roll of film. The cameras are rolling, the action's mounting and for Andrew 'The Lizard' Zirk, murder's in the frame.


Dave Warner

Born in Bicton Western Australia, Dave was originally known in Australia as a Punk Rocker famous for his song "Suburban Boy" and for refusing to appear on Countdown :)

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Series: Andrew The Lizard Zirk

Series: Blake Saunders

Series: Dan Clement and Snowy Lane

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