Four elements. Four seasons. Four points on the compass. Four teenage girls.
And one body.

Black-haired, pure islander, Britta. The alpha female of the so-called Eldest Girls.

'Half-blood' Jade-Marie, her missionary father long drowned.

Blonde, angelic looking Anna - the moral compass of the trio.

And then red-headed Viola. Viola, the newcomer to the island, escaping tragedy and desperate to belong. Viola who turns three girls into four, and completes the set. Viola who finds the man's body, lying in the stone circle. Viola who has watched and waited for her opportunity to become one of the inner circle, whatever it takes.

In Julie Mayhew's mesmerising and compelling thriller, a remote and deeply-religious island with a history of paganism is riven when a man is found dead. As rumours spread and tensions rise, and fog descends, sealing the island off from the mainland, the four teenage girls of Lark Island find themselves accused of witchcraft - and murder.

Year of Publication
Review Impossible Causes, Julie Mayhew
Andrea Thompson
Tuesday, December 31, 2019

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