When Samir Al-Hassani does the impossible, and escapes from Guantanamo Bay, a chain of events is set off that is to lead to tears and bloodshed around the world. Sami, a young Palestinian who had been caught in Iraq, thinks he has been helped by fellow jihadis, but the CIA and Mossad are pulling his strings. Or are they?

Sami is being set up, in more ways than one. He has embarked on a journey into the bewildering heartland of terrorism and counter-terrorism, where betrayal and deceit go hand-in-hand with honour and duty. While Washington engages in murky power politics, Sami's body and soul are sorely tested in the back streets of Morocco. When he emerges with a master and a mission, the stage is set for a hair-raising development: Sami is about to become a biological weapon of mass destruction, targeted at the very people who released him.


Sandy McCutcheon

Sandy McCutcheon (born 1947) is a prominent Australian author, playwright, actor, journalist and broadcaster. Sandy McCutcheon was born in Christchurch, New Zealand which, however, he did not discover until he was over fifty years old. He was adopted at a very young age and spent several years looking for traces of his family around Europe, before finding relatives living in New Zealand. Incidentally, his adoption papers, uncovered in 1997, stated that he was born with the name Brian David Parry. He moved to Australia in 1970 and now lives in Brisbane. He spends time each year in the city of Fes in Morocco where he owns a house with his wife the photographer Suzanna Clarke.

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