Lenny Aaron is an ex-cop who now runs a business tracking down Melbourne's cats that have gone AWOL. Having left the police after her last investigation went horribly wrong, Lenny is gradually piecing her life back together with a little help from Zen and a fistful of analgesics. 

The daughter of a media mogul hires Lenny's services to find a missing cat and uncover the identity of the author of a series of threatening letters. Before she know it, Lenny - with all her eccentricities, phobias and addictions - is back in the murder business. Without nine lives she must race against time as the adventure gets deadlier and the stakes get higher in this fast-paced game of cat and mouse.

A brilliantly diverse cast - the Japanese psychologist, the Russian barber, the British porn shop owner - populate this sharp debut novel which blends wit, fear and mystery. 


Caroline Shaw

Caroline Shaw was born in Yorkshire, England and moved to Brisbane with her family at the age of ten. Her first two novels ''Cat Catcher'' and ''Eye to Eye'' featured the cranky and misanthropic Lennie Aaron as a Private Eye reluctantly specialising in finding lost cats. It is believed that Shaw is working on a third novel titled ''The Pillow Book of Lennie Aaron''.

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